My Trip to Icmeler, Turkey.

Hey everyone,

In June just passed I went on a spontaneous trip to Iclmeler in Turkey, I was needing a relaxing holiday and I had never been before. I stayed in the Faber Apartments, which are beautiful, the staff are amazing and go over and beyond to help you. My flight got me in for 12am and I didn’t arrive at the hotel till 1am, the staff carried my bags to the top floor and when I asked directions to the nearest shop to get water and something to eat as it was about 40 degrees, they brought me water and ordered me take out food, first time I’ve ever received that type of service.



The whole holiday I spent mostly relaxing and sunbathing on the beach, I went on a few nights out – the night life is OK, its a bit cheesy is you ask me but its the norm over there so don’t expect RnB music or busy clubs, its quite quiet and mostly Turkish music with the occasional English song.

I got a Turkish bath the first say to prep my skin for a week of tanning, it was AMAZING, i also got a full body oil massage and an Indian Head Massage, all for around ยฃ20.




I went on a boat trip for the day, we sailed around all the small islands, went snorkeling and swam in the caves, jumped from the rocks and had lunch on the boat, it was truly my favourite day of the trip.





On the last full day I went to a waterfall outside of Icmeler called Turgut Koy, you climb it and can swim in it too, it was stunning, I got some great pictures, so I highly recommend it!

turgot koy waterfall.jpg





water me

I would definitely recommend visiting Turkey and the Faber Apartments, its the most friendly place, and the food was amazing! I tried dishes I had never had, even ate Cheese and Watermelon!

Thanks for reading!




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