My Trip to Naples, Italy.

Hey everyone,

In May this year I took my Mum to Naples, Italy for a week. It was my first holiday to Italy and really my first Sightseeing holiday, a beach and a Pina Colada usually does it for me.

Here are some of the pictures from our trip, we stayed right in the heart of the City in a Hotel called La Pace, it was a great location for a city break, and 10 minutes from the coast.

We went to Castel Del’Ovo on our first day, its really beautiful, it has some great artwork and amazing views from the balcony’s. We took a walk along the promenade and to look at the Architecture and Statues, no idea who the statues were off, cant read Italian.



We ate out every single night, we were in a desperate mission to find a great plate of Carbonara and some fine Red Wine. Turns out I have been miss-educated on Italian cuisine my whole life as the pasta was half cooked and they don’t cook Carbonara with cream, or cheese really.

Also you may notice my awkward smile in these photos, It’s hard when someone is taking a photo of you with no filter and you have natural sunlight and wind going against you, all that’s going through my mind is ‘its OK Laura you can edit it when you get ย home, just smile and wave’.



On the fourth day we booked a trip to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, probably the best day of the whole holiday. I had wanted to visit Pompeii since school. In my head it was going to be more gruesome than it actually was, so for anyone avoiding it as they fear its filled with casts off dead people, then I would say go, its really not, its just street after street of the same thing, you can see a couple casts but its not in your face.

pomeii me


pompeii 2



Vesuvius was a different story, it was truly breathtaking and felt like quite a feat as you are driven half way, and have to climb the rest, so wear appropriate shoes and clothing. At the very lip of the volcano there is a small shack that sells food and drink, so you can quite literally have pizza and wine at the summit of a live volcano. Amazing.


panorama vesuvius



It was quite a climb, there were many people sitting on the slope getting their breath back, and many elderly people with walking aids having to give up as there are no warnings how steep and far the climb is. Once myself and mum reached the top we popped a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate as she has bad knees and breathing problems but she still prevailed.

Overall it was a great trip, I wouldn’t be in a rush to visit Naples again, next stop would be Venice or Rome.

Thanks for reading!





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