I started Laurel Beauty at the very start of 2016 to show my taste in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, as all three are very important to me. It has gave me a platform to post what I wear in greater detail, rather than just uploading a picture to Instagram or Facebook. My life is one I am proud of, I will keep those who care up to date on it through Laurel Beauty, this could be from posting about any recent activities I’ve been up to, or any stories I want to tell, even music I am currently into.

You will see the Beauty side in Laurel Beauty through my posts on outfits, i used to regularly post reviews and tips on products, skincare and hair care but I have outgrown that, I will still leave some information on products I use just as general information but I’ll leave the rest to the professionals.

Apart from all that here is a little more information on myself! The names Laura Stoves, nice to meet you.  I live in a flat in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK with my best friend, and I also hold down a full time job nearby too as an Accountant. My family all live within Edinburgh, some in England.

You’ll find all the outfits I create on my Polyvore Account, please check it out and show it some love! If you want to see what I wear and cut out the Mumbo Jumbo, check out my Instagram page – laurastoves94.