I started Laurel Beauty at the very start of 2016 to show my taste in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, as all three are very important to me. Laurel Beauty allows me to showcase my take on clothes, where I like to shop, how I get my look at a more reasonable price. What I also thoroughly enjoy is mens fashion – I follow and research this as I like to think of myself as an aspiring fashion stylist that is not only able to dress myself and many other females out there, but also the very many men who have a passion for style!

You will see the Beauty side in Laurel Beauty as I regularly post reviews and tips on products which includes everything to do with make up, skincare and hair care.  I live in a flat in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, and I also hold down a full time job nearby too, my family all live within Edinburgh, some in England. My friends also play a big part in this as I get inspired by them all the time, they each have their own styles so I love to create looks I know they would suit.

My main shops are MissGuided, Pretty Little Thing, BooHoo, H&MTopShop, and New Look. For men I like Zara, Topman, River Island, ASOS, Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters.

You’ll find all the outfits I create on my Polyvore Account, please check it out and show it some love!