Make – Up

I thought I would do a page on make up, just so that if anyone would like me to review a product or tell them what products I use I can do so on this page! 🙂

I’ve had a few requests on instagram about what eye shadows I use, to be honest as much as I would love to buy every Naked palette there is, my bank account wont fund it (cry). Right now I use Make Up Revolution Palettes, which I find are just as good, and there are so many beautiful shades. My favorite palettes at the moment are Iconic 1, Iconic 3 and FLAWLESS, they have lots of nice nudes and browns and matts and gold’s, because I have blue eyes I prefer to use browns and gold’s as this makes the blue stand out, they also are very good blending colors. I also use a lot of Eye Shadow Dust Pots, you can get these at most make up counters, the ones I use right now are MUA and Barry M – however they aren’t as pigmented so you need a strong base color to make these stand out, I like them as they are very glittery.


So most make up lovers will probably use this already but for those of you that don’t I suggest you start! Its called a beauty blender, you can use this to apply foundation, or contouring, its brilliant. My favorite is the Real Techniques Beauty Blender as it has a flat edge, this is good for blending my contour under my eyes and also on my forehead, the best way to use a beauty blender is to slightly dampen it before use, this makes it softer and its less likely to retain any of your actual make up on the sponge.

beauty-blender-sponge-real-techniquesTatcha products are amazing, they are pricey but so worth it. If like me you can get very dry skin, especially during the cold months, this is a great product! Its Tatcha Camellia Beauty Oil, this can be used on your hair and body. I use it on my face and dry areas, such as knees, elbows, ankles. I also use this on my Real Techniques Beauty Blender, as an alternative to water as it moisturizes my skin whilst I apply my make up, it literally leaves my skin feeling like butter and my face looking flawless. I’m actually going to do a review on this product soon so look out for it!