OOTD – Tartan Tuesday


Its been a long, long time since I’ve posted anything on my blog, main reasons for that are I started to not enjoy what I was posting, I didn’t feel like that person any more, all the cheesiness and typical blogger chat. However I miss it nonetheless.

Here is my outfit from last weekend, I went out with a couple friends to check out a new-ish club in Edinburgh – its called Bourbon its actually really good! Good music, big seating area for those of us who get sore feet after dancing all night.


Instagram – laurastoves94

You cant see as clear as you should due to the filter, but I am wearing a short Tartan A Line Skirt, a black waist hoop chained belt, plain Iconic T-Shirt, and Black Button Suede Heels. – All the clothes including the belt are from Pretty Little Thing the shoes are from Pretty Little Thing also however they no longer sell them.

I accessorized with some Rose Gold hoops I picked up from Primark, a watch and bracelet to match.




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