#MOTD – Everyday look

Hey Beauty’s!

This look is my go-to, nice and simple, I wear this basically every day to work. Takes me about 5/10 minutes and its so light. I never go heavy with make up at work, I always wear it but I always rest my face on my hands and I’m always on the phones so my make up is usually half off by 5pm anyway.


On my face I stick to the same routine, usually a lighter foundation and less contouring, just some bronzer/blush.


I use a light shadow to open my eyes up and a little mascara/liner, I basically always wear liner, I try my best to make time to do it, otherwise my eyes still look half asleep.


I still do my brows the same, sometimes opting for a lighter shade of brown.

Products I used:

Foundation – Revlon Photo Ready Air Brush Effect

Bronzer – Sleek Contour Kit

Blush/Highlight – Make Up Rev Golden Sugar 2 Palette

Brows – Barry M Brow Kit

Shadow – Make Up Revoltion Iconic Palette

Liner/Mascara – Maybelline Gel Liner and Maybelline Lash Sensational

Comment what you think, make sure to check out my Instagram – laurelbeauty94 for more looks.




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