My Made up MET Gala Moment

Hey Beauties!

Todays post is slightly different from my usual, since I love the Met Gala, I thought I would create a look for it, but not for me, for my ‘date’.

 Now you may have noticed in some of my more recent posts I have been playing around with Men’s Red Carpet looks, my style inspo for these looks always comes from the likes of Daver Campbell who styles Chris Brown and Karla Welch who styles the likes of Justin Bieber. Playing around with colors and accessories is my thing and these stylists do this well!

So lets being with who I would bring as my date (in my dream world) I would have Chris Brown on one arm and Ryan Reynolds on the other but apparently I can only have 1 so I will settle for Chris, his style is more for me, its fun, colourful and Sexy. Now in the highly unlikely event you don’t know who Chris Brown is, ill share a picture with you all:



Now what would he wear? Since I’m such the fashion expert I will do the honours of dressing him on this occasion, so lets start with the underwear…😏

I don’t want him to be tugging at his pants all night due to them riding up so I went with  Tommy John underwear to avoid those awkward photographs.  So I went with their Tommy John’s ‘Second Skin’ Boxer Briefs and their ‘Second Skin’ Crewneck Undershirt:


These will also sculpt those lovely muscles of his 😍. Now for the rest I think I would go for a nice suit, something out there but still young and edgy. I love a nice crisp white shirt followed by matching white trousers, tailored of course. Since Balmain is basically a must have for every red carpet event now a days, it would be rude not to include it!


I added the blazer as I feel this brought the red carpet glam, along with the light beige suede Shoes and the gold Rolex. Since the theme this year was Manus x Machina I felt like the I got the inspo for the cold attributes from Star Wars C-3PO (if you don’t know who that is, then please for the love of god Google him, you should be ashamed of yourself.) The glasses are an optional, I personally love glasses on a red carpet and Chris wears them well.

The shirt is from River Island and the trousers are from Style Bop. The glasses are RayBan and the shoes are Calvin Klein from Nordstrom.

So there you have it! That’s how I would dress my date! Now I know your all thinking, but where is your outfit? Well, I just simply could not find anything good enough! Most people got their dresses custom made, which is not a luxury I have, plus this year was really for the guys. What I will share with you is my favorite dressed females from this years Met Gala:


How to die for is this dress? She would actually look great alongside Chris in the outfit I put together for him… She is wearing Michael Kors here, and her hair?! OMG I love, she is such an inspiration.


Beyoncé in Givenchy …


Kylie in Balmain…

Everyone looked amazing! Well except Selena..what was that? I am still having nightmares of that dress…

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Make sure you check out Tommy John, fathers day is coming up, under ware and socks make the best presents, the most appreciated ones anyway.  Make sure you hit the like button! I would really appreciate it 😀

Until Next Time…




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