Silky Sundays – Wardrobe Edition

Laurel Beauty

Hey Beauty’s!

Silky Sundays aren’t about lounging around in your silk pj’s with your silk slippers on and falling asleep on your silk bed sheets. Oh no. This is about the greatness MissGuided and Pretty Little Thing have brought to us with there range in silk clothing.

Silk clothing is very much in at the moment, its has been for a while. So as I am updating my whole wardrobe boy was I glad to see that MissGuided and Pretty Little Thing have the exact silk must haves I was looking for. So here are a few I would like to share with you all.

Lets start:

These are MissGuided’s Silk Culottes which are on sale for £10! Do you know how amazing these are to dance in? They make your bum look great and you can dance all you want with no dress riding up, means you can hold two drinks at a…

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