Black on my feet, get like me – MissGuided Edition

Hiya Beauty’s!

The safest, simplest but most sexiest colour is black, we all know this, we all own LBD’s, a majority of us all have our go-to black heels, but how often do we update these items? I always find we purchase our little black dress and our simple black heels and they stay in the wardrobe forever and ever.

I thought I would show some of you some really great black heel shoe trends, you know, for those of you who need to chuck the platforms and finally get a ‘barely there’.

I feel like those who read my blog often enough, my small bunch of loyal readers, will know that I’m always reppin’ for MissGuided and Pretty Little Thing. And I do, all the time.. cause I love them. I do shop elsewhere but I’m a HUGEEEE fan on online shopping, and these happen to be my favorite not only cause they have great stuff but they are on time, have regular discounts and are always on trend. Before I start can I state I am not sponsored by MissGuided. (although I should be).

So *drum roll please*.. here are some Black Heels that are gonna have you looking like the shocked emoji.

black mesh heelMissGuided’s Laser Cut Mesh Heel is only £35 – these are great for those ladies with big feet. You will go from Big Foot – Mulan real quick.

cut out heel

MissGuided’s Rope Detail Peep Toe Ankle Boot only £45 – team this with a white shirt dress and your pretty much good to go Day/Night.

knee high

These are the shoes you can hear singing Pitbull’s “you know you want me” song but you never actually get them. C’mon ladies, knee highs are a must have now and once you get them I bet you wear them at every chance you get – MissGuided’s Knee High Faux Leather Peep Toe Boots – Only £24 right now!


Yep, I love mules, there I said it! Mules are like marmite, you love em’ or you hate em’ These are MissGuided Lace Cut Out Mules and they are £23 at the moment. I’ll let you mule over that price…ha.


“Shawty had them apple bottom jeans, heels with the feather” that’s how it goes isn’t it? These are cute, her toes ain’t though. I would say team with a shirt dress, not apple bottom jeans, the strap at the ankle can make you look stumpy so you wanna show the legs off.

There you have it! I dare you to at least get 1 of the above (or similar).

Until Next Time…




2 thoughts on “Black on my feet, get like me – MissGuided Edition

  1. The shoes in the first picture are totally making me wish I wore heels instead of converse all the time. Although maybe not as practical for chasing a fearless toddler. X

    Liked by 1 person

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