My Fitness Journey Update!

Hey Beauty’s!

This is an update on my fitness journey (LONG over-due I know). I let you all know I was even on a fitness journey at the beginning of April and I just been too busy to actually do a full update on my progress etc.! The reason I wanted to do this post was because of the reaction I got from that post on my other social media pages.


So where did I leave off..? Oh yeah that’s right! I told you my diet/fitness plan – this hasn’t changed at all. The only thing I feel I need to let you all know is that I have completely slacked for the last week as I was on holiday and I forgot I wanted to loose weight. ha.

I’m doing a cleanse tomorrow – this involves Dr Stuarts Detox Tea from Holland and Barrett, its around £3 and is great! I will only be having that all day, and Lemon Water.

After that I’ll start again – now I have been taking before and after pictures, below is my journey so far, on the left is Week 1 and on the right is now at week 7. So far I have lost 1.5″ off my waist and half an ” of my thighs, and 1″ off my arms – this might not seem too significant considering I have been doing this for 7 weeks but because of this diet I am turning my fat into muscle – therefor I will see little to no difference in weight but I will see the difference in how toned my body is getting. The most amount of fat I have lost is on my back, and I’m less bloated on my stomach. This plan is also quite heavily focused on toning my gluts – this is where I can see the biggest change, my bum is more perky and round, less cellulite.

untitledFitness Photos

^^ nice socks I know 🙂

In the next week my brother will be updating my fitness plan, changing it up so that I don’t plateau and making it more demanding, I will then be increasing my intake of protein in my diet plan. Yep, I will share that with you all incase you want to do it too! Like I said this is really working for me, if you want a plan more specific to you, then just email Bruce at  – he does everything from:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Programme Design
  • One to One Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Classes Boxercise, Spin, Circuits
  • Health and Fitness Consultations

Everyone who emailed and contacted my brother at Atlas Elite Training – he had a boom in emails after my post – which OMG I really need to thank you all for! I mean its not be that’s getting the business but its was really nice of you to take interest! He is still emailing back everyone and because of that we are now making his own website etc to make this all easier so that will be up and running in the next couple months with prices and goodies to buy!

Until Next Time..




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