My #ootd – Goddess Vibes 

Hey Beauty’s! 

My friend Daniel was celebrating his birthday at the weekend so obviously that meant I got to play with my make up and clothes again! Now I haven’t been doing a lot of shopping lately so my wardrobe is looking bleak af, this is because Im saving my money for my holiday in 2 days (not to make you all jealous mwahaha) so I borrowed this gorgeous dress from my friend Amelia! 

She had so many nice dresses to choose from but she suggested this one (she is quite the fashionista too): 

The dress is from Miss Selfridge it also comes in a range of colours. 

Shoes are MissGuided though I don’t think they do the rose gold ones anymore! 

I named the title Goddess Vibes cause that’s the vibe I was getting from this dress, with the white over lays and rose gold belt and shoes. The dress is super comfortable and easy to dance and move in! Also the long sleeves were exactly what I needed as my arms aren’t one of my most favourite body parts lol! 

Its a shame you can no longer get these shoes, I’m sure a couple other online retailers still stock similar ones but missguided only seem to have white and black left. 

I never really got a great picture of my make up that night! These Snapchat filters have taken over all my selfies lol! But here are some so you get the jist: 

Those sexy people in the photo with me are (from top to bottom) Amelia and Eleisha You can find them on my Instagram

I won’t bore you with all my make up details! Maybe do that another day haha! But for those wondering my Lashes are from my dogs tail… kidding! They are from the new Lash Boutique range and they are Demi Lashes! 

Let me know if you would like all the details on my make up for this look, I just went for something simple! Also add me on Snapchat guys! I wanna get to know you all on a more personal level, I think that will make reading each others blogs even more fun! My username is: laurastoves 

To wrap this up I wanted to show you how my night ended lol..

And before you ask.. Nope! This is not part of my fitness journey lol.. I will update you all with how that is going next week! 

Until Next Time…



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