Change up!

Hey Beauty’s

This is just a little update as I will no longer be doing My Weekly Tip posts – I’m sure you all don’t really care whether I do them or not lol! However on the off chance some of you do, I thought I should let you know!

The reason for this is I feel like my weekly tip posts are deviating away from being a tip, I end up with a lot more to say than planned and it could just be a post in itself, not a ‘tip’.

Of course when I have a tip I feel I must share I will certainly do so! I will also strive to post every weekend, I just feel I thought it would be a good idea and now I’m no longer feeling it ha! I’m always trying to improve my posts and blog and this is a necessary step to that.

Now guys I don’t want you to be upset at this news, I know you all sit all day on Saturdays refreshing your Wordpress Reader until you see the Weekly Tip Post from Laurel Beauty, some of you almost going insane – I don’t blame you, so to soften the blow here is a picture of the most adorable puppy that I plan on getting in the near future!


Until Next Time…




3 thoughts on “Change up!

  1. Laurel every tip u post is valuable.💖 Hope u keep posting! Maybe u can add quick tips which could be a few sentences this way u can still post ure tips! I know how u feel i end up doingvtge same at times a long post instead of a few sentences 😞 i guess v girls cant help ourselves v just have so much to share! 😁

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    1. Aw thank you! I will definitely keep posting! And you’re right, I will just give short tips, more often and try not to blab on! haha yeah we defo cant help it mwahaha, thanks for commenting, means a lot ❤

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