My Weekly Tip #9 -Starting your Fitness Journey

Hey Beauty’s

I like to try make all my tips spread out between fashion, beauty and lifestyle as I feel like I have advice to give in all three areas!

This tip is definitely lifestyle related as I’m going to give advice where I can on beginning your fitness journey. This is because I recently started mine, I have noticed a difference and I feel like I can reach out to people who really want to get fit, loose weight or be healthier but just honestly lack that extra motivation to actually start.


What made me start:

I put on weight throughout 2015 and noticed I was the biggest, heaviest and most unfit version of myself I had ever been. I went from 8 stone to 11 stone bearing in mind I’m only 5ft 4″. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, with that comes lack of confidence etc. I am not one to moan about how I look, as I know I am fully capable of changing it, the only thing I did struggle with is where to start and how.

During High School I was heavily into dance as I studied it so I constantly kept fit, so every day I was exercising in some way, slowly over the years since I graduated and stopped, I added weight but nothing much. So it made sense to me that I really needed to start exercising again to get rid of my unwanted flab lol.

How I started:

So my eldest brother is a qualified Personal Trainer, his company is called Atlas Elite Training so I was lucky cause I could get him to help me, he takes the ‘personal’ part of Personal Trainer seriously as he really gets 1 to 1 with his clients. This is great cause it meant he could write me a diet/meal plan specific to me and what I like to eat (unfortunately that excluded Dominoes and Krispy Kreme).  Diet is honestly key to loosing weight and being healthier, you could exercise 6 days a week with a rubbish diet and not loose anything.

So I called my brother up and was like ‘ hey I’m fat help.’  kidding obviously but I asked him to help his sister out.  He got me out for a consultation and took my BMI, asked what I like to eat, when I am free to exercise and my budget etc. He then gave me my plan, it included everything I needed, he even ran though the exercises with me as I thought a Russian Twist was a cocktail.

So according to my specific plan I had to eat 5-6 small meals a day, high in protein and natural fats, and then work out 4 times a week with a mixture of cardio and weight training. The weight training was targeted towards the areas I wanted to tone (MY BUTT!) and where I wanted to shed fat (MY STOMACH). Now I work 9-5, 5 days a week so he really tailored the diet plan to fit how often I am able to eat per day. I noticed that I actually barely ate at work. In fact I skipped breakfast and had a small lunch and would snack on crap when I got home from work, so I wouldn’t be eating an actual meal for dinner.

He also tailored the work outs to it my work schedule as well, also so that if needed I can do them at home. I have a big track behind my apartment that I can run on and enough space indoors I can weight train, this is great cause it meant I didn’t have to fork out on gym memberships if I didn’t need to.

This is what worked for me, what pushed me was I realized I couldn’t do it ALL myself, of course I’m going to have to be the one eating and working out but I needed it laid out for me, I needed advice and help. Now my brother deals with clients internationally, via emails etc, and his prices are great, even if you just wanted a personal diet plan written for you. You can also find online what’s good to eat, the best fibers, fats and proteins to  eat and compile your own diet plan. Its a really good starting point and its key to loosing weight/being healthier as it is 80% of your fitness journey. Then once you are comfortable you can start working out, gradually over time.

My Diet:

So every Sunday I meal prep – now you will see this everywhere, all over fitness gurus social media pages, as it really helps, keeps you organized and on track and it makes everything stress-free. 1 Night a week for 2/3 hours of cooking your meals for the week- its that easy. I choose a Sunday as its my day off and the day I am always free. I cook all my lunches for the week, and dinners. My snacks are usually, nuts, fruit, toast, small portion of home made soup. And my breakfast ranges from a protein and fiber packed smoothie, including fruit and veg, so fuel me through the day, I always eat my fruit in the morning, or healthy muesli with fresh berries. I prepare them the night before every day so that they are fresh in the morning. Also finding snacks to quench your sugar cravings is very important, for me peanut butter and natural jam works really well with this, also small amounts of dark chocolate – the darker the better.

 My Daily Meal Plan:

Breakfast 9am: Smoothie OR Cereal

Snack 11am: Hand full of nuts and 1 piece fruit

Lunch 12.30pm: Chicken, Asparagus, Broccoli, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes.

Snack 2.30: Small portion of home made soup

Dinner 5.30pm: Salmon, Couscous, Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Snack 7.30pm: Peanut butter on toast.

Nothing after 8pm. I also only drink Water, Lemon Water, Cucumber Water, Green Tea.

My Fitness:

So I joined a fitness bootcamp, its called Insanity – for those of you who haven’t heard of it …. uhh I suggest you youtube it.. its literally insane. I then use my brothers work outs and do these at home, or sometimes in the gym if my friend joins me, either way I stick to it the same. However my friend is taking hers more seriously too so she is also doing my brothers work outs to with me at the gym. This is great as the bootcamp is fun, it also gives me motivation as Im working out along side others like me and working out with a friend who is just as committed helps you so much too! But not to worry as even if you don’t have a gym partner you will still get the motivation to work out alone once you see the differences in your body.

My Weekly Work Out Plan:

Monday 6.20pm: Insanity Bootcamp

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday 6.20pm: Insanity Bootcamp

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday 6pm: Gym, Swimming. or Home work out, Run.

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday 4pm: Gym, Swimming or Home Workout, Run.

Like I said before I have already noticed a massive difference in my body and fitness levels with this plan. I did before and after pictures after 1 week of this and the results and differences were crazy! It spurred me on big time! That’s why I wanted to share this with you as I feel I have finally found a way! It just takes you to make it a priority to work out and eat healthy rather than only doing it a couple days a week…if that.

I also have a cheat meal every Friday, where I can eat a take away or chocolate, I think this helps as it gets all my sugar cravings out the way!

If you want to contact my brother I attached a link to his Facebook page in the name! Drop him an email and he will be happy to help!

His Details:


My fitness journey has only just started and I’m already very excited. If I stick to it I can reach my goals in 3 months! That’s crazy to think about! I will keep you all updated, and if you have any other questions just ask. I’m not qualified or anything this is just honest free advice.





8 thoughts on “My Weekly Tip #9 -Starting your Fitness Journey

  1. This is crazy , I generally had a blog similar to this which I was going to upload in a few days time 🙂 I’m so proud off you thou 🙂 you go girl !!! I still struggle to prep meals because even though they’re there I still always want to eat everything else😂😍

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  2. This doesn’t apply to me necessarily as I am fairly fit (if I do say so myself), playing netball and going to the gym. This was so so so useful though xx

    Would love some help on my blog @laurenayersx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucky you! When I was your age I was just the same! Although replace Netball with Ballet.. and thank you, this post was one I wanted to do as I feel like free fitness advice is hard to come by now. I have had a look at your blog, it looks great – to be honest, I was surprised it was new! Looks very professional, I think the theme suits what you are going for. The only help I can give you with out knowing what your wanting help with is suggesting that you always make sure your page is easy to navigate through, as in, 3 or 4 menu options, and specific categories 😀 Besides that I love your blog! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much for the advice, I am on holiday at the moment but will have a look when I get home and I agree. you would have helped loads of others with your fitness tips xx


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