My Weekly Tip #8

Hey Beauty’s!

Can you believe I started this 2 months ago…doesn’t feel that long ago! Hope everyone’s week has went well! I started a fitness boot camp and burnt myself on the sunbeds…sums up my week.

So my tip this week is a make up tip… I only recently started doing this and its one of those things where you’re like WHY HAVE I ONLY JUST DISCOVERED THIS NOW!! you know?

So when I’m chilling by myself I always watch YouTube make up tutorials! My favorites to watch are NikkieTutorials and ChloeMorello, they are funniest so I’m always entertained, learning new techniques whilst watching! So this one I’m sharing with you as I feel its a game changer.

Do you ever feel like once you’ve applied foundation, and started to contour etc. that it either doesn’t blend as well as you want? Or that within a couple hours it basically soaks up into patches? Now I know people can say that if that happens you should get better foundation blah blah blah but I genuinely use really good products I just wasn’t doing it right. So I noticed Nikkie always sets her foundation once she has applied it (I know this sounds like a basic make up rule), and even though I had watched her 1000x do this I never actually picked it up until recently.

So first of all before you apply foundation its so so so important to make sure the skin underneath is highly hydrated. I used to always cream moisturize but I feel using elixir oils or vitamin E oils really help, either put them on your face prior to the application or onto your brush/beauty blender when applying your foundation. Then get any powder that matches the shade of your foundation or any translucent setting powder and using a big headed brush just dab that all over your face until blended. This will make your foundation stay so much longer, and most importantly it is like magic when you then apply the contour, highlight etc.!

You will notice how well everything if blending in – instead of beating your face black and blue 100 times with the beauty blender you will only have to dab a few times to achieve the look you want. I noticed a HUUGE difference one I started doing this, if you already do this then well done! You clearly have mastered the art of make up a lot more than me. But if not I really suggest you try it out, its such a great way to have flawless skin.


Until Next Time..




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