Going Pink in 2016

Hey Beauty’s

Apologies for my posts being too and far between! I just like to keep myself busy cause that’s how I likes it!

Lately when I’ve been online shopping or window shopping (I don’t know why I do this, its self torture) I have been drawn to everything pink, I actually only own 1 pink piece of clothing, its a dress and I like it but when I part my legs you can see my underwear cause its so short and it just rides right up! So I have it but I am yet to actually wear it (probably never going to) so yeah I basically want to own more pink clothes as I am loving them lately!

If you follow me you know I love to create outfits on my Polyvore account, so I thought I would show you some of my favorite pink combos! I have outfits that are more dressy, classy, casual and just sexy casual.

So lets begin!


So I wanna talk about this piece, its called Hannah – okay I name most of my sets human names because I feel like they would suit someone with that name lol! don’t ask… so this piece I would call Sexy Casual as its something more relaxed, lazy, but well put together, the heels and the cropped hoodie bring the sexy and the jeans, cap and glasses bring the casual.

What I love is the creamy shades of pink as it enables someone who wouldn’t class them self as a girly girl to wear it, also caps are really in at the moment so this is what I would say completes the outfit, cause what’s a hoodie with out a cap right?!


This one is called Nicollette – its inspired by Jazzy Nicholette ! She loves pink and I recently started following her on YouTube etc. and I think she has great potential!

So suede is my babe!  I love it, its so smooth and extremely stylish at the moment, Kylie Jenner and GiGi Hadid have been seen rocking suede at the moment so its all over online retailers! I paired this with a nice sleek pink blazer coat and some studded heels as they add the glam. Wearing pink on pink is something that was in way back when us 90 kids were bubas! So I think its great its came back with more neutral tones.

girls night out

This one is called Zoe, I made this outfit for a competition on Polyvore, that’s why GIRLS NIGHT OUT is plastered on there ( I didn’t win meeeeehhhh) also I actually have these shoes! 2 pairs to be exact..

I personally think this outfit is super cute, I’m very into turtle necks, as they hide my double chin, so much so that a majority of my tops are turtle necked at the moment lol.. when I like something I tend to go IN! Buying 3 or 4 of basically the same thing. The pink skirt and blazer are so stylish, I love the formal look it gives, the earrings add that sass and I included them as I have always wanted to pull off hoops but I just cant, I don’t suit earrings at all actually.

Comfy AF

This is Comfy AF , this was created when I first started experimenting with pink, and around about that time everyone bought the Adidas trainers. This one I really created for my younger cousins as its definitely something I can see them in! I just think this outfit is so cool and girly, I love the jacket with the glasses, the shades of pink aren’t too far apart and I think that’s really important when layering pink, is to not deviate from the shade too much.


So I freeekin love this combo!! Its called Sweet Dreams, these knee high boots are to die for and obviously what beauty blogger doesn’t ADORE Celine???

So obviously this is a summer outfit, its not every day we can rock a shirt dress! These shoes are definitely the statement piece in this outfit, and they go so well with the pink as the dress allows the black to pop. If you haven’t noticed already I love shades, I include them in basically every outfit as an optional extra, I just feel they give the attitude to go with the outfit.

**You can find out where to buy these items by clicking the name of the outfit**

So that’s my pink obsession out the way for 2016 – if you guys like this post please let me know in the comments below!  Also HEY!! to all my new followers, I see you!

Until Next Time…

Laurel Beauty



5 thoughts on “Going Pink in 2016

  1. Some lovely outfits, definitely think that this colour will be everywhere this year as it is the Pantene colour of the year 😊
    Aisling | AislingsApparel.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

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