Throwback to Teen Times

Hey Beauty’s

Todays post is completely random and dedicated to throwbacks, I have some belters.

I complied a bunch for you to look at, they all range from me being 14-18 years old and a couple pictures of mini Laurel! Some include fashion disasters, make up regrets and all the wrong angles! You can decide which is which ..



2 thoughts on “Throwback to Teen Times

  1. omg!!! I think of u of some really rebel (ish) cool and down to earth kinda teen.. kinda like I am but way cooler πŸ˜€ hahaha I loved seeing ur past.. u had some fun days and tbh I don’t think there were any disasters !!! (which guy was Emmanuel) LOVE UR BLOG

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  2. Hey Sareena! Lol yeah I had some good times! I still do lol! Nah im sure you are a lot cooler than what I was! Lol the short blonde hair was definitely a disaster! Oh Emmanuel isn’t in any pictures as I never met him as a teen and we aren’t together so he doesn’t deserve to be featured mwahaha xx


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