My Weekly Tip #6

Hey Beauty’s!

I hope you have all had a great week! I haven’t really been posting much, I don’t have any excuses for that, I guess I just like to post when I feel like I have something worth saying, that way its more authentic. This week I have just been working, my brother gave me a consultation as he is a personal trainer so this whole week he has been preparing my diet and fitness plan for the next 3 months! Its really exciting, I’m the type of person that needs it all laid out for me and then I will do it!

Also! Mothers day just passed, this year I decided to treat my Mum and Sister to a holiday, so we leave in 4 weeks to go to Spain! It was all a secret from my Mum as I wanted to surprise her, she was very pleased so it was all worth it.

^That’s me and Mum (shes so cute) and me and Katie, my sister, this is a throwback as check the nick of my eyebrows haha!!!

Now this weeks tip I pulled from my inspiration of friendship! I have grown a lot closer to my friends over the last few weeks. If I’m honest this is due to me getting out of a controlling relationship. The friends I have are highly supportive and I appreciate them so much!


My tip is to always make time for your friends, always make the effort, no matter what. I can guarantee you that the true friends will always be there even if you drift away for a few months, whether that be because you move away, get a boyfriend (YES, we all are guilty of this) or simply have busy lives.


I drifted from my closest for a good few months, I wouldn’t even speak to them or tell them what was happening in my life for weeks on end. I wouldn’t even ask them how they were doing. Its the biggest regret as when I got closer to them again in recent months  there was so much I missed or didn’t know had went on and vice versa, it left for a lot of catching up but what I realized most is nothing had actually changed, we were still as close as ever! My life definitely would have been a lot easier to deal with and get through if I had kept them close though, as their advice is the best. I wouldn’t have made half the stupid decisions I did if I had just discussed it with them first.


When you get into a situation where your not comfortable and you kind of loose your way, forget who you are and what you stand for, its great to make sure your friends are there and they will put you on the right track again. This worked for me so its the perfect reason for me to give it to you all as one of my weekly tips.


Yep, this is me and my friend in 2014, drunk and loving life!

Also the header is me and another friend in 2013, forcing a friend to take the shot ha!

Until next time…

Laurel Beauty



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