Make Up Revolution Obsession

Hello Beauty’s!

I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been having problems with the Word Press app! And I’m still waiting on my laptop so it’s all been a bit of a struggle 😭 but it’s all good in the hood cause I’m back!

Going through my humongous make up bag (which I actually do clear out all the time it just never seems to loose its enormity) I noticed that my most used make up brand is (no shocker here) Make Up Revolution. I have a large selection of their products, mostly powder products as I’m not a huge fan of their foundations or concealers. Now I am always rooting for them as I truly do believe their eye palettes and highlighters could compete with the top brands such as Nars, Mac etc, and their prices are low so it’s a win win. I compiled some of my collection below to show you then I’ll talk you through and why you should get them!


Now photographer I am not, so let’s not dwell on that photo.

As you can see I have:

Contour Kit

Vivid Baked Highlighter

Iconic 3 Palette

Mermaid vs Unicorns Palette

Revolution F105 Brush

Lipstick in Deep Red

Lipstick in Matt Nude

Lipgloss in Baby Pink

Focus & Fix Eye Primer

Now let’s start with my favourite – the eye palettes! Both of these were gifted to me by my sister who knows I absolutely adore eyeshadow! Iconic 3 is my current favourite, i’m a huge fan of matts, golds and browns as they make my blue eyes stand out the best. These colours blend very well and are very pigmented. In my previous post Highlight Come Thruu I have gave you a swatch of these.

The Mermaid vs Unicorns Palette has more bright, vibrant colours, I like using the pink with the brown, and the purple with the gold. This pallete suits me well when I’m going out somewhere more fancy.. Or basically anywhere that’s not work. Both palettes are £4!

Again in my Highlight Come Thruu post I show you the Contour Kit and Highlighter, I love both, they sit so well on my skin and don’t budge or fade. The highlight will shine for hours even if I sit with my hand on the side of my face all day.. Which is what I do all the time. The contour kit is £3.50 and the highlighter is £3. I know! Im even tired of mentioning how cheap that is.

The lipsticks.. there is a hidden surprise in these which I’m so grateful for!


The bottom twists off and you get a tiny extra sample so when the Lipstick runs out you have this to keep you going until you buy it again. Or if you prefer to put it on with a brush this would be perfect for that. They are £1 each, yep that’s not a typo, they are £1.

The Lipgloss.. Now, not my usual colour at all! But it looks great with a tan. That’s why I keep it. Its £3 and smells amazing! I team it usually with a deep purple lip liner.

The Focus & Fix Eye Primer, this is as daring as I went with make up revolutions liquid make up. It does the job, its light, stops my eyeshadow from creasing and lasts a good few hours. Its £2.50 which is great, obviously there are better eye primers out there but if your looking for something cheap and affordable to pick up I would suggest this.

Last but not least is the Make Up Revolution F104 Brush. Now as well as being a cute brush with rose gold band. Its very soft and works great for a face powder brush. I use this to brush off my excess translucent finishing powder but it could work great as a blusher brush. Its £3.99 which is a reasonable price, looks great and does the job!


Shoot your questions down below and im happy to answer!

Untill Next Time..

Laurel Beauty



15 thoughts on “Make Up Revolution Obsession

      1. oh WOW!!! oh my god.. I wanna dye my hair but I’m scared :/ teenage struggles like that.. awwww… well best ofluck
        haha u were probs a very cool teen 😀


      2. No! Just go for it! My only advice is go to a hairdressers! It’s worth the money, the disasters I’ve had where I didn’t even want to go into school lol! Never box dye, and nah I was a inbetweener loool

        Liked by 1 person

      3. lol!! haha thanks!!! yh I wont my friends blonde ombre she did turned orange in a week and damaged her hair soo much!! hey, do u have any tips for organisation and time management… I’m failing at that atm.. too busy 😀


      4. Yeah lol! DIY ombré never turns out too great, the adverts lie! I’ve always been blonde, silver, almost white at one point! The key is to always condition, every time you wash your hair and twice a week use a hair mask, that’s how my hair stays healthy anyway lol of course! I’m not a pro time keeper but organisation is my thing! What is it your wanting to organise etc? Xx

        Liked by 1 person

      5. my school work and hw mainly.. the amount of detentions I get for no hw.. man!! haha thanks for ur helping me


      6. When I went to school I didn’t really do homework either… Till my last year and I realised all that time I done nothing has now affected me and I really struggled. Now I’ve finished and I work and pay bills I realise it’s best to set specific day for your work, so pick a week day you never usually go out afterwards, and sit and get it all out the way. Cause your at school you will need maybe 2 days per week to do it. Say every Tuesday and Thursday. You’ll notice how much more you know and in class you’ll understand it more and probably enjoy it more too. It all pays off trust me. Stick in there and when you leave you can get a great job and buy all the make up you want! Time keeping will get better when you start to value other people’s time. I never did at your age, but not I do so I wouldn’t dare be late to anything as that’s so rude. Trying to do school work after school every day is unrealistic as things get in the way but if you set two days per week where you get everything done that means you can make plans that will get in the way of it, it’s really important. Xx


      7. OMG!! thanks soo much.. its made me allot of sense and yh!! I think ima pick 2 days one on the weekends and the other on a Wednesday!!! Laurel… I don’t know how to thank you more.. ur soo nice for helping me and not just that u actually really explain.. and ur a wonderful beauty blogger.. so I just wanna say a huge THANK YOU ❤
        for everything.

        ima do a post on organisation with these tips, so I help others like u helped me and I remember.. but I'm going to link you in it so all my followers know how ace u are 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      8. It’s okay haha! Thank you, you are too! Yeah that sounds like a good plan, stick to it and see how it goes, home work is so important otherwise they wouldn’t bother giving you it! Need any other advice just ask xx

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