My Weekly Tip #4

Hey Beauty’s!

I have had a great week! I’ve been seeing a lot more of my best friend Amelia which is great cause she is literally my other half! Here is a picture of us slaying..untitled.png

So anyway its that time of the week, its my 4th tip! Can’t believe a month has already passed.

This weeks tip is on hair! I don’t have particularly thick hair but it isn’t extremely thin either, so it always looks flat once I blow dry and  straighten it. Since I was about 17 I have used Got2B Powder’ful Volumising Powder, this stuff is a complete savior and I take it every where with me. You get the look you want with out having to back comb and if your hair ever falls flat you just rub your roots a little more and it activates it again.

Literally everyone I have shown this product to now uses it religiously. You can buy it at most drugstores, I get mine at Boots UK, its £3.00 with is a bargain! I just posted a tutorial on my Instagram so go check that out and show me some support and love on it! I’m just getting into Vlogging, I will get my YouTube up and running, and I just got a fantastic new camera so I will start using that so the quality is better, it all just takes time.


Untill Next Time..

Laurel Beauty



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