Highlight Come Thruu

Hey Beauty’s!

Highlighter has always been in every beauty lover’s make-up bag gathering dust but not until recently has it become everyone’s must have product! It’s on almost everyone’s cheeks glimmering away.

Every make up brand is trying to create the most perfect pigmented powder or the most luxurious luminous liquid to make our cheeks shine like a light bulb.

The key is to exfoliate, moisturise and get a good, pigmented yet light highlighter. To be honest, I have tried expensive brands, cheap brands, drugstores, the lot and whilst Mac and Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) are great I don’t think only they posses the quality we need to get that glow we all want so desperately.

I personally use Make Up Revolution. They have absolutely nailed everything from highlighter to eye shadow. I would happily rate their products the same if not higher than the likes of ABH and Nars. Their Vived Baked Highlighter range is fabulous and I am I big fan of their Sculpt and Contour Kit, which comes with a Bronzer, Highlight and Blush.

Now if you follow Laurel Beauty on any account you will know I love my brands but I am still all for more affordable brands, Make Up Revolution definitely falls into that category. The Vivid Baked Highlighter is Β£3!! And the Contour Kit is Β£3.50!! Like whaaaaaaaaat? Are you for real?


Here is an example of the highlighter, it doesn’t stain your cheek with a horrible fluorescent colour it simply gives you that glow and shine. I’ve contoured with the bronzer in the palette and slightly used the Blush. On my eyes I also used their Iconic 3 Palette which is….Β£4! I absolutely love this pallete I use it every single day.

To sum this post up- im not sponsored by Make Up Revolution (I should be, I know) but I really feel these affordable brands need more credit.

Share, like, comment, do what you wish but I would definitely recommend you check out Make Up Revolution πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Until next time..

Laurel Beauty



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