Quote of My Day

Anyone else love the Kardashians?! I do! And I don’t care what anyone has to say about it, I like what I like so mind yo damn business!

(My head voice is Kevin Hart btw.. Always will be lol so much sass..)

So I missed a lot of season 11 what with work and keeping busy, also my TV package doesn’t include E! So I have to find other means so keep up with my favourite family 😒 besides my own that is..

So this season Khloe said something funny and so true that there are memes every where about it so I decided to use is for my quote of my day!


Take that how you want to take it. But to me I feel being a bad ass bitch is not only in the way you look but how you are, I interpret that to say be great at everything, from the way you look to the way you behave and you will be successful. I am definitely a bad ass bitch and I bet you all are too!

Until next time..

Laurel Beauty



2 thoughts on “Quote of My Day

  1. Omg, so weird, we are on the same page. I literally just re-watched EVERY SINGLE SEASON of KUWTK on hulu. I have the subscription, but it could be on the free version too. But no one can tell me NOTHIN about my Kylie obsession.

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