Oh so Tarte

Hey Beauty’s!

My new favourite contour combo is definitely my Tarte Cosmetics The Sculptor stick in shade 2 with my Nars Kabuki Brush.


I mentioned in an earlier post that I love to leave reviews – now my beautys I swear this is the best way to try out new products without being sponsored. Im still quite new to blogging and im still learning every day but leaving reviews and actually  branching out to the manufacturer or brand helps as they might not send you a freebie but they will most likely give you a discount. Most bloggers buy all their own stuff anyway so don’t be so down hearted when your successful at blogging but still are not reaping the benefits – your time will come!

I got a great discount by Tarte on this contour stick and through one of my reviews I reviewed this amazing Kabuki Brush. Now I did try the Kabuki Brush originally with my finishing powder but it doesn’t hold as much product and doesn’t set it on my skin well so I decided to try it with blending my contour as I’m tired of using beauty blending sponges for everything. I found that it actually works so well, especially on my cheek bones and my nose, ive never had a more defined yet blended contour to date!

So I start by drawing where I would like to define, I always go for my cheek bones, fore head, temples, nose, jaw line and just under my bottom lip to make it look fuller (great tip btw).


You will see a lot of vloggers creating all these different ways of applying your contour, I go for the easiest and quickest way and I always find it comes out the same. Also I always wear this jumper when doing make up, so I don’t get it on my nice clothes! I feel I must point that out as I’m also a fashion blogger and ain’t nothing fashionable about this top lol.

I then use my Kabuki Brush to blend, its so quick, the brush is really soft and leaves absolutely no harsh lines!

Why so serious? Mibs cause contour is a serious thing alright?

So that’s my contour done without my highlight or concealer added, so it’s still a bit raw looking but once I finish my look the transition from the highlight to concealer to the contour stick will be smooth.

I feel like my back camera on my phone gets a clearer picture incase you are wondering why I didn’t take a front selfie lol. Also that shell trinket box in front of me is hand made 😍 I got it from this German market at Christmas time in Edinburgh. I keep all my hair accessories in there, I love the sea so this is like the perfect box for me 😍 anways im getting off topic..

So over time contour will change and progress, but at the moment this is my favourite way to do it. The Sculptor stick is about £17 from the Tarte Website and the Kabuki Brush is £43 from the Nars Cosmetics website but there are loads of retailers doing great discounts on these products! Like I said I’m not sponsored I just love these brands and had to share it with you all!

Until next time…

Laurel Beauty



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