Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette

Hey Beauty’s!

Part of the reason why I blog is because I love all things make up, I quite regularly leave reviews on products I have tried, my favourite site to leave reviews is called Glam Geek, I really suggest everyone check it out and when you leave reviews, the best ones get a freebie sent to them! There are winners every week and I have been lucky enough to win the last few times! You can also create a wish list, for things you would love to get, so when you win they have an idea of what to send you.

Glam Geek recently sent me an Eyeshadow Palette I had put on my wish list, it’s from Collection, so just a drug store brand, it’s small which is great, and it’s nude. Now I’ve wore it for the last few days and I quite like it, the pigment isn’t as great as my other palettes but it is good for the price and brand.

It comes with a small double sided sponge applicator, but I always prefer to use my own brushes. I obviously went straight for the smokey eye look, but after using it for a while I preferred a more soft cut crease with this one, the colours don’t blend that well and I had to use a primer to make them stand out.


I used the shade Chocolate Milk all over my lid, I then used Espresso along my crease and blended that out with the shade Brown Sugar. To put on the base of my lid I used Butter Cream but I found it didn’t have much pigment so I topped it with White Chocolate – how funny does this sound? It’s making me hungry.


Along with some liner and masacara to finish the look off. I wasn’t overly pleased with this look and I am quite the eyeshadow enthusiast Β so I wouldn’t really go out my way to purchase this palette, it was on my wish list as I liked the colours ☺️

I will be doing more reviews with all the other goodies I received this last week!

Untill next time..

Laurel Beauty



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