My Weekly Tip! #3

Hello, Hello, Hello, we meet again..

This week has been a bit more laid back, progressive, I booked my holiday to Sunny Spain, My Instagram is coming along great! Ive finally started jogging again, and my diet has started, I mentioned before I love routines so a strict diet helps, keeps me on track – lets just hope I stick to it! How has everyones week been?

So here is another tip for you all! Some of you may already do this but I noticed a lot of people donโ€™t. When applying all your make up, the best way is to really start with your eyes, this is because if you finish your eyes first, then apply your facial make up after, you avoid getting any spill from the eye shadow onto your freshly contoured cheeks. If your like me and love using glitter then this is the best way to start your make up routine. If your stuck in the habit of doing your eyes first then I seriously recommend you get a type of loose finishing powder, I use Smash Box finishing powder, place this under your eyes, on the top of your cheek bones, apply your eye make-up then once your done, softly brush off the excess powder. This will stop any loose eyeshadow or product sticking to your freshly beat face :D! The tutorial for the finishing powder can be found on myย Baking To Contourย page!

Until next week..


Laurel Beauty



2 thoughts on “My Weekly Tip! #3

  1. I always do the opposite only because I feel like my face (including my eyes) has to be covered in foundation. I think it’s some kind of a strange habit because this makes much more sense ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll try it out and see if there’s a difference! xo

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