Quote of my day..

I feel like every so often I see a quote or hear one and I’m just like damn.. I feel that right now, Or… I have felt that before and that’s so true.

Im going to do a post called ‘My quote of the day’ and I will just post it every so often, when i see a quote and really feel it. Sometimes they can be a good pick-me-up or even answer the question that’s been running circles in your mind. They can word exactly how your feeling when you didn’t know how to quite put it. I have even see a quote before and used it on people as I couldn’t have worded it any better.

My quote today is one I seriously relate to on all levels, when I read it I felt somehow.. Like it took a weight off my shoulders as I could see that how I have been feeling lately has been summed up in just a few short words .. Therefore it’s nothing I should feel for a long time.Β image

Therefore today is an important day.

Untill next time..

Laurel Beauty



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