My Top 5 Men’s Winter Coats for 2016

Hey Beauty’s!

If you read my About page you will see I mention that I love men’s fashion and its one of the reasons I created this blog. Its important to me to be versatile, and you will have noticed on my Outfits page I have a mix of Male and Female trends and outfits.

This post is to show my top 5 favorite winter coats for men as its still absolutely freezing and winter is still very much upon us. I feel men’s winter coats have always been an awkward item, as I always notice that in 2015/2016 everyone is wearing bomber jackets, especially the styles made with thinner material such as silk or velvet, as much as these look great – they just don’t keep you warm. Don’t get me wrong guys we all want to see your sculpted arms and broad chest but we don’t want you to be covered in a layer of goose bumps and have no choice but to switch tradition and offer you our coats to keep you warm and dry – kind of kills it.

So here are my top 5, they are from Zara and Topman – prices range from £60-£170 but a good quality winter coat is something we all invest in.

  1. This is from Zara, its £60 and is a statement jacket. Its a great color, can be worn with denim, black jeans and layered with a hoodie underneath.

2. Again this is Zara Number , its £80. Now with this one, its great for a more casual look, running errands, I would team it with jeans, either dark denim or black, a hoodie or a tailored shirt underneath. The style Zara has put with the coat I’m not a fan of, it doesn’t do it justice.

3. My third favorite has to be another long coat, this one is great as it can be worn as smart or casual. Its such a fashionable coat and any shape or size of man can pull this off! Its from Topman and is £90, its limited edition – so if you want it grab it! Would be a great present for your boyfriend.

4. I’m a sucker for leather jackets on a man, reminds me of Ian Somerhalder … (cue daydream) .. anyway leather isn’t the best for keeping you warm, it can get cold. This suede jacket is great, its £165 and is from Topman, its pricey but worth it, if you find a similar one elsewhere for cheaper then I would say go for it, its the look not the label your going for.

5. Finally my last one is another long beauty, its a bit more formal I would say, its from Topman and is £150!

I will be doing a lot more of these posts, if you have any questions or advice just comment below! You all know the drill! If you even have requests, perhaps there is a celebrity you absolutely adore and you would like to get their look for cheaper I will personally find all that out for you and let you know!

Until next time..

Laurel Beauty



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