Self Promoting!

Hey to all my lovely followers all old and new!

This post is really just to promote my other social media pages, as my followers are amazingly growing by the day I feel this is necessary. I do have all the links on my Contact page so go there and check it out!

I used to be obsessed with twitter but I deleted my personal one months ago so I’ve started a new one which I will make a mixture of a personal/blog one.

My Instagram is still trying to find itself! I think It needs to be more personal so I just bought a new laptop and amazing camera to start shooting images of myself in my outfits and make up etc! So give it a follow and I will grace your newsfeed with some great content 🙂

My facebook is just a personal one, not Laurel Beauty, but add me as a friend cause we are all friends here 😀

Polyvore is for all those aspiring stylists out there! I personally love it, its something I do in my spare time, there are lots of contests where you can win freebies etc so definitely give it a go!

Love you all!

Laurel Beauty



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