My Extremely Romantic Valentines

So I am kicking off 2016’s Valentines as a single, free, ambitious and independent woman! Sounds corny – and even the word corny sounds corny – but I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my valentines.

Some of you other single ladies reading this might be thinking ‘yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah right’ with a slight eye roll, but I am being deadly serious. I have had my fill of romantic Valentines, going out to dinner, or seeing a movie .. last year I went to see 50 Shades of Grey which was an epic fail and we left half way through – ill never get that 50 minutes of my life back. Things have happened since then and as Kylie Jenner intelligently put – 2015 truly was a year of just realizing stuff. I am newly single, and I feel great, I love nothing more than having complete control over my own life, and making my own decisions because I WANT to, not for someone else.

With that being said I plan to spend my Valentines NOT crying and watching The Notebook with a box of chocolates that I bought for myself. I plan to spend it being productive. I am going get up, get a good morning run in (weather dependent – the roads are covered in snow and black ice), make a great meal. Cook all my lunches for work next week. Get all my house hold duties out the way. Followed by trying out all my new make up goodies I got sent, using my new camera, filming make up tutorials with my new lighting (love heart eyes emoji) and planning my posts etc for the following week.

For everyone who is in a relationship this Valentines I sincerely hope you have a great day, remember its not all about the gifts, or the flowers  – although they are a great bonus – make sure you put any problems out the way, any spite or anger on the back burner and just thoroughly enjoy it, its a day purely to celebrate your love for one another.

For everyone who like me will be spending it loving themselves – TURN UP! Cause at the end of the day…



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