The Music Tag <3

Hey guys, hope you are all well and your weekend is going great!

I just got nominated for The Music Tag, this is the first time I’ve been nominated for this award and I think its great, I get to show you my taste in music! So my amazing fellow beauty blogger allofmebeauty tagged me for this one! She has a great page and is really supportive, she is always showing love on WordPress! So go show her some appreciation!


  • Write 10 song titles that come on shuffle from your playlists (no skipping) and then list your favourite lyrics.
  • Tag people!

My Songs:

  • Fine by me – Chris Brown: “she only loves me cause I put it down, and thats fine by me
  • Feels – Kiiara: “I can way too many feels, way too much emotion
  • Again – Fetty Wap: “Hop out the beamer, she jump out the lamb, roll them bands up smooth how the wind go, dumping wood guts all out the window, married to the money, I aint never let go
  • Im Sayin’ – Omarion: “cause her sex game on Beyonce, I think she drinking bombay don’t take the the wrong way, i eat that sweet pwussy on a sat’day
  • Back Up – DeJ Loaf: “you don’t know me, I’m too clean, I’m too holy, bitch I’m godly
  • Nobody’s Better – Z ft Fetty Wap: “its not too long ago you were saying’ baby won’t you come my way, cannot, cannot keep you out my brain
  • Honey – Katy B: “I can see your truth, i can see the life reflecting
  • Get Ugly – Jason Derulo: “to them pretty faced girls trine grab each other, and then undercover freaks who aint nun’ but trouble
  • Player – Tinashe: “So you better stay up, player, Yeah, you better keep up, player
    Cause tonight is a game-changer, So you better stay up, player
  • Gold – Kiiara: “gold up, gold up in my teeth, taste like money when I speak

My Nominees: 

Have fun!


Laurel Beauty



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