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Happy Monday everyone, hope it’s been great, it’s my day off work every week so I love Mondays, unlike some.. Today I lazed about then went to the cinema to see Dirty Grampa with my boyfriend Emmanuel, it’s actually very funny, a bit disturbing to see Robert Downey Jnr butt naked but I would still recommended it lol.

So the lovely allofmebeauty nominated me for the Beauty Blogger Award, which is very nice of her, she has a great blog and it’s always so happy, I could learn a thing or two from her lol!


  • Tag the blogger that nominated you.
  • Answer the questions you were given.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers whose blog if about beauty/lifestyle/fashion.
  • Name 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Inform the bloggers you chose that you nominated them.
  1. who is your beauty blogger inspiration?Well that’s a hard one, she doesn’t really blog any more, but I find Amrezy so helpful with make up, also Nicolcino.
  2. what are your top 5 blogs you never miss out on? I’m always checking out ThriftsandThreads , LifewithLilRed , ProjectHay , BlondeandAmbitous and EllyGrace
  3. what are your fave things about being a beauty blogger?  Its an outlet so I can write and discuss something I’m passionate about, it makes me happy and let’s me meet new people. I like sharing my opinion on products and reading others!
  4. what are your top 3 makeup brands? Tarte Cosmetics, Benefit and Anastasia Beverly Hills
  5. drugstore or high end? Probably high end, I always find they are better quality, there are only very few drugstore products that I would say are better than the high end one.
  6. would you ever upgrade to the world of youtube? yeah but I wouldn’t torture everyone with my accent
  7. have you ever purchased a product that was raved about on your blogosphere? Yes, this is a weird one, I’ve always wanted a good primer and I seen Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm recommended by a few blogs so I got it and oh my word it is unreal as a primer!
  8. what is your description of wearing makeup? I always go full out every day, I would have to be super ill or hungover to go out with just mascara, my every day look is the full works.
  9. what is a product you cannot stop RAVING about? Probably Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – it’s changed my life.
  10. what is your signature lipstick? A nice nude that’s a bit darker than my skin colour, nothing worse than pale lips.

My nominees: (I’m only doing 3!)




My Questions:

  1. Could you go on a night out with no false lashes?
  2. What do you prefer Lip gloss or lipstick?
  3. Smokey eye or cut crease?
  4. What foundation would you recommend?
  5. What do you like best about beauty blogging?
  6. If you could only have three items of make up – what would they be?
  7. What’s your favorite skin care brand?
  8. How many mascaras do you own?
  9. What’s more important, eyebrows or lips?
  10. If you could invent your own beauty item what would it be?

Thank you again, I love getting nominated for stuff! I feel like I should open a award cabinet lol

until next time..


Laurel Beauty



2 thoughts on “The Beauty Blogger Tag

  1. LAUREL… girl I love you… thanks sooo much.. I’m so glad you had a gr8 day with Emmanuel … he is a lucky guy!! I learned a few things from YOU 🙂
    you are my blogger inspiration ❤
    sareena xx

    Liked by 1 person

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