My Weekly Tip! #1- How to create fuller lips!

So I’ve decided to start a weekly blog post that will get me into a routine, as I love routines, they help keep me sane! Its going to be called “My Weekly Tip” – I get these tips from things i’ve learned over the years, they could be anything from beauty tips, to fashion tips, to lifestyle tips. They will just be short, sweet bursts of information, Ill make sure I don’t blab on 🙂 If you have any of your own feel free to comment and i’ll post some!

Okay so here’s one for those ladies looking for fuller lips! If like me, you have thinner lips and would like them to look fuller with out being fake, give this one a go – Once you apply your lip liner/lip stick, dap highlighter on the arch of your lips, the middle of your top lip, and the base of your lower lip. This creates a fuller look which is really effective! You get different shades of highlighter so the darker your lip, the darker your highlight – makes sense right?


In this picture I used Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in shade 547, with Make Up Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter.

I got this tip from my favourite beauty blogger Amrezy  – she is amazing, if you don’t follow her already I seriously suggest you do!

Hope this helps!

Laurel Beauty




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