My Struggle of Being a Young Adult.

‘Kid’ and ‘Kiddo’ – words I have been called so often by my elders, even in the most harmless way I would scald every time someone referred to me as kid. We all have those people in our lives, like our Grand Parents, or Uncle that no matter what age we are they will always look at us like we are 15 years old with little responsibility or experience. I don’t mind that if I’m honest, its like they cant seem to shake that we are now in our 20’s with our own house, bills, we have our own pets we have to look after, some of us have kids, and we actually drive ourselves around, we no longer rely on them.

What I do mind though is our fellow adults that know fine well who you are, what age you are and that you are no longer a kid, but still refer to you as one, and treat you as one. I’m told that its part of life. I’m 21, heading for 22 this year and I should just accept that people will call me kiddo and pat me on my head and ignore anything I have to say as what would I know? I’m a kid right? You can probably tell this bothers me a lot – and it does! There is nothing worse than being capable of doing something and not getting the respect for it as they don’t want to give you the chance. Why is that? Jealousy? I don’t know, I thought when you reached their age jealousy would become a thing of the past.

These particular people get a kick out of belittling you in front of others, (and that’s what it is – belittling) as they would rather point out all the times you didn’t hear the office joke (cause you were too busy actually working) or laugh at the time you actually tried to join in the office joke – but how dare you? You’re a kid and kids don’t joke with the adults. You can’t win – you then develop a bad attitude, and start to resent them and then get pulled aside cause of how you are behaving, you’re bringing the atmosphere down. What about the time when you made everyone laugh at me and told me to be quiet when I tried to ask a question? Made me angry or upset? What about the atmosphere you created when you did that, everyone felt awkward.

Every time I have experienced instances like these, its always in the work place, where ever I go I always experience this. Its a shame, that we have to look forward to being older just so we can get the respect we deserve and actually be heard. Why can’t I have that whilst being young? I could literally say something and it will get ignored or shunned, and someone 10-15 years older could repeat it and OH MY GOD they get a wage rise cause they know their stuff.

I decided to write this post cause its been irritating me for some time now, no matter who I speak to I cant seem to escape it. I figured there must be others out there going through the same, or maybe they have gone through it and found a solution? What did you do? Deepen your voice? Dress 20 years older than what you are? Become self – employed haha?

Feel free to comment below, give some advice, share your experiences in the same or similar situations.

I’m quite a happy person though! This was just a rant 😀


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