Last night the DJ saved my life.


Investing in Spotify is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.

I love music, most people do thats why its every where we go, it makes us happy and caters for every type of individual, there isn’t any boundaries in music, you are free to listen to what you like and no one will judge you. My type of music ranges from R&B to Indie, to Pop, to Jazz, to Rock. I like a bit of everything. The only music I would turn off if it came on the radio is heavy metal – that shit does nothing for me.

When I used to use Spotify I would create my own playlists and then would get bored of them or be too lazy to update them with the latest albums/artists. Not long ago I decided to give the playlists Spotify has already created a go, this is easy and they update it when new music of a similar genre comes out which works brilliantly for me! The playlist called This Is How We Do is ideal if you like R&B and club, dance music. I listen to this playlist pretty much all the time. When I work out.. (lol look at me pretending I work jks i do sometimes..) I listen to the Rap Work out playlist or the Cardio work out, these are brilliant.

An alternative to Spotify is Sound Cloud – this is good as its free and its for everyone. A lot of labels use Sound Cloud to scout fresh talent. I like it cause you can find good covers of songs you like that can even sound better than the original. The down side is its slower, doesn’t have an appealing lay out like Spotify and is not as easy to navigate through, but like I said its a free alternative.

My ultimate favourite recording artist/genius/idol is Michael Jackson, I just had to mention him in this post. I love him with all my heart (second to my boyfriend), I could listen to his music all day it brings me joy all the time, and has done since I was a little girl. He is extremely inspiring to me, he is involved in all my best memories, as his music is always there.

We love you Michael.


Laurel Beauty





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