My Favourite Lipgloss of 2015

I thought I would make a post on my favorite lip-gloss’s of 2015, to be honest they are still my favorite in far. My friend Amelia actually got me these amazing lip-gloss’s for my birthday last year, and they were actually one of my best presents – obviously cause its make-up! So they are by Bare Minerals and they are part of the Pretty Amazing Lipcolor range – which is on sale at the moment, from £16 to now £10 each, so if you like them, be quick as they will be discontinued soon. The colours are Savvy which is a nude colour and Witty which is more of a plum colour.

swatchThe colors are perfect, I usually always wear the color Savvy to work and to run errands, and I will use Witty on a night out, or to dinner, also I tried combining the two, and creating an ombré lip, which works so well too!

untitledI hope you like them, do you have any colors you would recommend? Whats your favorite?

LaurelBeauty xx


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