Nose Contouring!

So when I was younger I always hated my nose, I felt it was too big and that I resembled squidward from spongebob square pants. I used to always say ‘I want a nose job’ and my family would totally advise me against it. In a way every member of my family has this big nose, its like our trademark, you can tell we are all related because of this nose. So I learned to deal with it, im not self conscious about it any more, however once I learned how to contour I immediately tried out all the best ways to contour my nose without completely changing it but so I liked it better. Here is a picture of what I do – my nose on the left is the one with no contouring and the one on the right has been contoured.


Lol.. My eyes look crazy.

Anyway, I contour my nose using Maybelline Lasting Finish Concealer in Ivory – I put this on the bridge of my nose, and I use Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit to shape my nose along the sides of my bridge. Then a little highlighter on the tip.


Now I know I should love my nose the way it is but I don’t, so this is what I like to do, for those of you who are like me and don’t mind altering it then this should help you! Tell me what you think, do you do this? What tips would you recommend? Are you going to try it? Leave a comment πŸ˜€ xx



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