Baking to contour

So I like contouring but I also love baking – Im sure most of you know what this is but just in case I’ll simply explain.

Baking is when you use any type of translucent finishing powder on the areas you would like to high light, such as under eyes, under cheek bones, forehead. You apply the powder heavily and leave it to ‘bake’ for 5/10 minutes then softly brush off the excess with a brush. You only apply the powder once you have applied all your facial make up, leave the baking till last. I use Smashbox Finishing powder which is about Β£20, I also apply it with a Real Techniques sponge and I brush it off with one of my Morph Brushes. Here is a picture of me in the oven..


Excuse the Jumper..

So once that’s done you should be finished and ready to go out. The powder also keeps your make up on for longer too, which is great. Here’s a picture of my completed look..


Hope this helps :D! Xx


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