My first post!

So Hello to the zero amount of people reading this at the moment.. this is my first official post, I have been wanting to do this for a while now but it seems like everyone else has been too! There are so many blogs out there it is so daunting to me to start one for myself. I hope that soon my blog with be original with fashion and ideas that I can share with everyone, I have so many ideas and thoughts I just had to create this blog and get them out, I cant contain it anymore! What I really want is to be able to look back at this post in however long and laugh at how nervous I was.

Not many people I know or even in my city create blogs, and those that do don’t get the attention they deserve for what they are posting. I know people make blogs not for the many subscribers but for themselves, just to get thoughts onto a page, its kind of therapeutic. I’m kind of half and half, I want to pour all my thoughts onto this blog, like a diary but also want to share them with people.

I’m going to be posting A LOT over the next few days just out of excitement but ill tell you more about myself later 🙂



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