A little about me..

Okay so my name is Laura Stoves, my whole life I have grown up in Edinburgh, UK. I mostly grew up in a smaller village called Newton just on the outskirts of the city. I lived with my mum Susan, my two older brothers, Robert and Bruce and my younger sister Katie.

My mum is a single mother, she got divorced to my dad Graeme when I was about 4. I never minded not having my dad around as my mum took on the mother and father roles quite well. I had the best childhood in newton, playing in fields and rolling around in hay bells with my friends, my sister has always been my best friend, we are so close in age, only a year and a few months apart. As we got older we moved around a lot, to Fife and then closer to Edinburgh. Again I wasn’t ever really fazed by this as I had a big family around me to settle us wherever we went. When I turned 15 I started working in cafés and restaurants, as I got older I continued to work in hospitality, I never enjoyed it though, I just always liked having my own money and being in control of what I spent. My whole life I have loved dancing, I was extremely passionate about it- Michael Jackson was my ultimate hero and strangely Pussy Cat Dolls were my second lol, my mum couldn’t afford to pay for lessons so I mostly taught myself by watching MTV music videos, you could catch me grinding at like 8 years old to R Kelly not releasing how wrong it looked. I used to dance for my granddad when he had his guitar out and put on a mini show and everyone would clap and laugh.

When I started high school in 2006, I had never been so amazed, there were free dance classes after school and a cheerleader group which was legit all I ever wanted. So obviously I immediately got right in there. Through out high school I was convinced i was going to be a dancer, I focused solely on it, my other subjects were ‘in my opinion’ getting in the way. Once I graduated in 2012 I went to college to begin my long and prosperous life as a sick dancer. Which all failed about 8 months into the course which I hated and quit. So back to being a waitress I went, I think I got kind of depressed about the whole thing, so I ran away to Majorca and did what a lot of teens do now a days, they go work abroad in Europe for 6 months of the year.. well I did that for 3 years running. Don’t get me wrong I loved it but when I came home each year I would feel lost and know I had no career. I was now turning 20 and people I grew up with had started businesses and had moved in with their boyfriends and looked all cheerful and shit.

Anyway I got myself a good job and moved out and got my own place, its like a new life! Throughout my life make up/fashion has always been a passion – it is with a lot of females but I like sharing, so lets see where this takes me..




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